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Musa paradisiaca is an artist duo composed by Eduardo Guerra (1986-) and Miguel Ferrão (1986-). Formed in 2010, it has assumed the taxonomic name created by the botanist Carl Linnaeus for the banana species. Parodying the epistemological context of the task of identifying and cataloging the world, Musa paradisiaca seeks to conjure conflicting values, attitudes and norms.

Assuming a dialogical attitude, Musa paradisiaca seeks, in the interstitial spaces of the "common", more ambiguous world-views, manifesting them through audiovisual installations and sculptural objects.

Marked by a tension between the verbal and the non-verbal present in language, not through the denial of speech but rather, through its exacerbation, the practice of Musa paradisiaca pays particular attention to what is said, to whom it is said and how it is said.

This way of communicating outside a pre-defined lexicon, capable of producing a less mediated contact with the world, transformed the practice of Musa paradisiaca into a relationship format defined by haptic and aggregating qualities that highlight non-consensual collective and alternative imaginaries.