List of Works

Musa paradisiaca

“Come back Sir, you’re not from that world. Please, come back Sir, you’re from this world.”
22 November 2014 – 14 February 2015

Dan Gunn is pleased to announce the opening of the first solo exhibition at the gallery by Musa paradisiaca.

There was a man who wanted every woman he saw. One day, a sorceress came, leading the man to an insane desire. She advised him not to pursue his will — it would be too dangerous to be with her.
But he did not listen.

This show is based on a story we have heard about a sorceress and a man. The story describes an impossible desire and a vanishing soul. Trapped between two worlds, we hear a final calling:

“Come back Sir, you’re not from that world / Please, come back Sir, you’re from this world”.


First room, right to left

Capela (Chapel), 2014
fabric, metal structure, steel cables
310 x 245 x 82.5 cm

Estômago (Stomach), 2014
oil painted pitch
14 x 34.5 x 18 cm

Urna (Urn), 2014
oil painted pitch
35 x 17 x 18 cm

Second room, right to left

Saco (Sack), 2014
oil painted pitch
9 x 17.5 x 18 cm

Casca (Bark), 2014
oil painted pitch
20.5 x 26 x 24.5 cm

Pia (Font) 2014
oil painted pitch
12.5 x 34 x 26.5 cm


Third room, right to left

Mexilhões (Mussels), 2014
oil painted pitch
14 x 17 x 16 cm

Cantor: Eu vou morrer na cantina / Com o copo de
vinho na mão / O vinho será meu compadre /
E o copo será meu caixão
Singer: I will die in the canteen / With a glass of
wine in my hand / The wine will be my comrade /
And the glass will be my coffin, 2014
patinated bronze head, painted metal tripod
183.5 x 100 x 100 cm

Leões–homem (Lion-men), 2014
oil painted pitch
10 x 39 x 25 cm

Aipim (Cassava), 2014
oil painted pitch
7.5 x 46 x 11.5 cm