Press Release

Dan Gunn is pleased to announce the opening of the second exhibition by Alessio delli Castelli at the gallery.

The cultural vantage point of being a European is that a properly pointed backward gaze allows one to draw uninterrupted historical lines that connect the present far back to the Palaeolithic. By association, these are lines which can be drawn from any given moment in time backwards and forwards. Museum exhibits are resting points from which these lines can be drawn. They objectify those aspects of human culture which change while remaining fundamentally the same. In the same way as objects in museums present themselves, these lines are never wholesome and continuous but fragmentary and jagged.

Imitatio et emulatio is a Neoclassical formula that signals a distinction between sterile copying and a subtle operation, which through working within the boundaries of an image, extends its possibilities. In this sense copies from antiquity can be said to have a connection to classical music performance. To a lesser degree, the same prejudice towards the invention of new forms exists in music as well. A composer is considered more important than a performer, although there is a relationship of interdependence between them. This may not be so acute between visual artists from different eras, but it exists nonetheless. There is, both for music and the visual arts, the problem of retrieving forms from the past and allowing them to have existence in a present.

Since its inception, photography has been received with mixed emotion by the visual arts. Many of the artists that lived during its early development warned about its dangers for perception. We live at a time when photography is considered the most accurate form of representation of a work of art. Photography presents objects through a fundamental formal lie, especially when it comes to three-dimensional objects. There is an unbridgeable distance between the object and its photograph which can only be crossed by having contact with the original object. That is, however, further and further away from the realm of our possibilities.